Sharkey - Tech Noir: Anthology (Digital)

The *very* long-awaited Sharkey album is finally here! Featuring exciting upfront re-interpretations of enduring classics, previously unreleased material, and a leading edge stem mix by the Bonkers maestro, this is one of the most important genre albums ever released.

New and Exclusive Remixes
01. Product Of Society (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
02. Distant Dreams (Jakka B Remix)
03. Anything She Wants (Gorilla Tactics Remix)
04. w/ Stormtrooper - Lazerbeam Addict (A.B Remix)
05. w/ Trixxy - Genesis (M-Project Remix)
06. w/ Druid - Bonkers Anthem (Al Storm Remix)
07. w/ Trixxy Therapy (A.B & Cyrax Remix)
08. w/ Arkitech - Dual Illumination (Arkitech's HHC Remix)
09. w/ Oddysey & Arkitech - Black Rain (Chris Ross & Darwin Remix)
10. Sound Assassin (Cube::Hard Remix)
11. Today's The Day (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
12. w/ Oli G - Sci-Fi (Synthwulf Remix)

01. w/ Odyssey & Arikitech - Black Rain
02. w/ Arkitech - Quadraphonix
03. w/ Arkitech - Dual Illumination
04. w/ Kevin Energy & K-Komplex - Anna (Cube::Hard Remix)
05. w/ K-Komplex - Overdrive (Ephexis Remix)
06. OCD
07. Pumpin' Religion (Inverse & Orbit1 Remix)
08. Bang Like A Mother
09. Ascending Angels (Vocal Mix)
10. w/ Stormtrooper - Lazerbeat Addict
11. w/ Arkitech - Never Say Die
12. w/ Oli G- Sci Fi

01. w/ Marc Smith - Identifty The Beat
02. w/ Ham - Don't Stop
03. w/ Devastate - Terrabeat
04. w/ CLSM - Wicked MC
05. Sound Assassin (Instrumental Mix)
06. w/ UFO - Terra Nova
07. w/ Eclipse - Mind Launch
08. w/ Druid - Bonkers Anthem
09. Seb - Rainbow Islands (Sharkey Remix)
10. E-Nuff (Exclusive Mix)
11. The Vampire - Teknostorm (Sharkey Remix)

Sharkey DJ Stem Mix

This release also has digital components to follow, as well as a limited edition "Completionist" bundle featuring every track and remix of and by the inimitable DJ Sharkey. This has taken inordinate amounts of work, including data recovery actioned back in 2013, and is nothing less than an archive of massive importance.