RFUCD001: An Introduction To Climactic Moments (CD)

RFU Recordingz

RFUCD001Released: 14/06/2004

Before Hardcore Underground, there was RFU Recordingz.

In what now seems alarmingly prescient, a focus was made towards having a "proper" CD that felt worth owning. It remains so! Some tracks were available on vinyl, with the rest originally exclusive to this CD release. With the RFU catalogue now available for digital download, this is priced to move ;)

01. Contraption - Higher, Forever (Breeze & Styles Remix)
02. Sunrize - Let Me Go
03. Ruffage - Paradise (Rewound & Restored Mix)
04. Invader - Enraptured Soulz
05. Contraption - Higher, Forever
06. Hardcore Hippies - To The Moon
07. Sunrize - Let Me Go (Luna-C Remix)
08. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale - Oceans Blue
09. Sparky - Love Like This
10. Overflow - Rivers Of Tears
11. Re-Form - Extremely Dangerous