RFU Recordingz: Complete Collection (Digital)

RFU Recordingz

RFURECZBUNDLEReleased: 25/02/2017

We've said before that RFU Recordingz was the spiritual predecessor to Hardcore Underground, and now we're ready to show you why! Regarded by many as horrendously underrated, the catalogue nonetheless contains many tracks featured on mainstream compilations and genuine bona fide underground anthems of yesteryear (remind you of anything? ;) )

We've really trawled the seas of old hard drives, project files, servers, mastering servers, to bring you this collection. 63 (count 'em!) tracks, largely unavailable for over 10 years and in some cases never before available or heard. From the seminal "Nothing There", "See If I Care", "I Am", "Sensory Vision Pt 2" et al through driving musical works like "Higher, Forever", "Enraptured Souls" and oddities like the Oli G Remix of "Dreaming Of Another Way" (hint: not freeform!). Lost classics like the CLSM Remix of "Y Not" and "So Naïve". It's.... :

Adman & Demo feat. Dave Jay - Pleasure & Pain (90's Revival Mix)
Adman & Demo feat. Dave Jay - Pleasure & Pain (Sunrize Remix)
Adman & Demo feat. Dave Jay & Michelle Hearting - Pleasure & Pain (Duet Mix)
Anon - U B Long 2 Me
Chwhynny - 909 Revolution
Chwhynny - I Am
Chwhynny - I Am (Sy & Unknown Remix)
Chwhynny - I Am (Trance Mix)
Chwhynny - Morris Call
Chwhynny - My Love
Chwhynny - Until The Day I Die
Chwhynny & Darwin - Nothing There
Chwhynny & Nu Foundation - Stars Align
Chwhynny & Orbit1 - A Clean Cry Won't Do
CLSM feat. Ant Johnson & Tekneek - Sensory Vision Pt 2
Contraption - Dreaming Of Another Way (Oli G Remix)
Contraption - Higher, Forever
Contraption - Higher, Forever (Breeze & Styles Remix)
Contraption - Higher, Forever (D&A Atomic Robokid Remix)
Cube::Hard feat. Ant Johnson - Equilibrium
Darwin - All The Time
Darwin - Go This Way
Darwin feat. Donna Grassie - Every Day
Darwin, In Effect & Buzzy feat. Fraz - Don't Say Goodbye
DJ Statika - Everyone Changes The World A Little Bit
DOK & Ponder vs. AC Slater - False Prophets
Dougal & Mickey Skeedale - Oceans Blue
Flyin', Sparky & Adam L - Enjoy The Ride
Flyin', Sparky & Adam L - Live For The Moment
Fracus & Darwin feat. Ant Johnson - Standing Til Tomorrow
Fracus feat. Donna Grassie - See If I Care
Fracus feat. Lisa Abbott - Love Isn't Easy
Fracus feat. Taya - Bring The Sunshine
Frisky & Hujib - Nightmarez
Gammer - To The Rhythm
Hardcore Hippies - To The Moon
*Hattrixx - B-roken (The Dream)
*Hattrixx - Wi Nah Beg
Helix & DJ Fury - Y Not (CLSM Remix)
Helix & DJ Fury - Y Not (Dodgee Remix)
Helix & DJ Fury - Y Not (DOK & Ponder Remix)
Helix & DJ Fury - Y Not (Sunrize Remix)
Invader - Enraptured Soulz
Lagoona feat. Åsa Holmberg - Into My Dream (Darwin Remix)
Lagoona feat. Åsa Holmberg - Into My Dream (Frisky & Hujib Remix)
Mozz - Liquid Breaks
*Nu Foundation - I Can Feel It (Breaks Mix)
Nu Foundation - I Can Feel It (Kick Mix)
Nu Foundation - Want Your Love
Overflow - Rivers Of Tears
Phenex feat. Le Kat - So Naïve
Re-Form - Extremely Dangerous
Ruffage - Been On A Star
*Ruffage - Paradise (Rewound & Restored Mix)
Ruffage & Chwhynny - Pretty Pink Flower
Ruffage & Size - Remembering A Fractured Utopia
Ruffage & Size feat. Chwhynny - The Velocity Days
Sparky - Love Like This
Sparky - Tales From The Crypt
Sunrize - Let Me Go
Sunrize - Let Me Go (Luna-C Remix)
The Untouchablez - Murder-1

* Denotes we have yet to find unmastered versions to "properly" remaster. We will keep looking, and if we source shall re-master and update the bundle.

Unmastered versions of all the above, that we have, will be made available in the near future!