Nu Foundation - Le Grá Go Deo (Digital)

Six years ago now, the life of our friend, colleague and original HU artist Mikey Nu Foundation was cut tragically short at the age of just 25.

It's taken a long while to reach the point where we're ready to release this album; a seminal collection of his works. With Mikey's mother and other family members and friends in full support, this is now simply something we just have to do. Not for ourselves but for him. It really is what he would have wanted.

It goes without saying that all profits from the album will go directly to Mikey's family, and that Hardcore Underground seeks in no way to profit from the release of this album, this is something to celebrate him. This isn't about publicity, or cashing in, or anything other than simply doing what we know we should.

Mikey really was the life and soul; he was part of our original team of artists, and was integral in the founding of this label. He was a good person, a loyal friend and a talented artist. Whilst we will forever feel his loss, we need to celebrate his music and everything that he was to us all, and this is what we hope to do with this project.


01. Nu Foundation - Taking My Time
02. Nu Foundation - In Kontrol (Bonkers Mix)
03. Nu Foundation - Closer (Breaks Mix)
04. Nu Foundation feat. Fran - Take Me Over
05. Nu Foundation - Want Your Love
06. Chwhynny & Nu Foundation - Stars Align
07. Nu Foundation - Wizzy
08. Nu Foundation - Open Your Heart
09. Nu Foundation - It’s Not Me
10. Nu Foundation - In Your Head (Original)
11. Nu Foundation - Drifting Away
12. Nu Foundation - I Can Feel It (Breaks Mix)
13. Nu Foundation - Signal 2 Noize
14. Nu Foundation - Move Your Body


01. Phenex & Nu Foundation feat. Le Kat - Power Of Goodbye (Nu Foundation Mix)
02. Nu Foundation - What Did You Say
03. Nu Foundation - I Miss You
04. Nu Foundation - Le Grá Go Deo
05. Haywire & Nu Foundation feat. Xlerator & Sharon F - Losing Control
06. Nu Foundation - Lay Me Down
07. Nu Foundation - I Need Your Love
08. Nu Foundation - Illuminated
09. Nu Foundation vs. Michael Mansion - Waiting
10. Nu Foundation - I Need You
11. Chwhynny & Nu Foundation - Untitled, Forever
12. Fracus & Nu Foundation - Hold On To Someone

CD3 - Remixes

01. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Danielle - Turn Around (Nu Foundation Remix)
02. Scott Brown - Viroid (Nu Foundation Remix)
03. Scott Brown - Lost Generation (Nu Foundation Remix)
04. Scott Brown - Do What Ya Like (Nu Foundation Remix)
05. Nightforce - Why Do You Hate Me (Nu Foundation Remix)
06. Darwin - Connected (Nu Foundation Remix)
07. Al Storm feat. Ali - Swept Away (Nu Foundation Remix)
08. Darwin feat. Pearl Blue - Don’t Be Lonely (Nu Foundation Remix)
09. Brisk & Ham - Fire & Flames (Nu Foundation & Haywire Remix)
10. Axwell - I Found U (Nu Foundation Remix)
11. Cat Like Thief feat. Ellie - It Starts With A Whisper (Nu Foundation Remix)
12. Master Blaster - Everywhere (Nu Foundation Remix)
13. Entity - Stargazer (Nu Foundation Remix - Unfinished)