Fracus & Darwin - Point Of No Return (2012)

HUAACD002-CDReleased: 28/05/2012

Release Date: Monday, May 28th, 2012

We got 25 copies back from our distributor, and we're making them available for the last time. Collectors act now! Also includes digital rights to the recently re-mastered edition.

'Fracus & Darwin - Point Of No Return'

01. Chime (vs. CLSM Feat. Indie-Go Blue)
02. No Disguise
03. Magnetised
04. Turn Back Time
05. Hard To Find
06. Love Comes Back (feat. Jessica Palmer)
07. Voodoo Magic (feat. Frikshon)
08. Yesterday
09. Drivetime (feat. Chwhynny)
10. Music Blocks
11. Standing In The Rain (feat. Cari Winter)
12. Snap! (vs. Obie)
13. Step Down
14. Got The Rhythm (feat. Becca Hossany)
15. I'll Be Ready (feat. Cari Winter)
16. Found A Groove
17. Circle