Fracus & Darwin - Greetings From The Edge (CD + Digital)

Fracus & Darwin - Greetings From The Edge (Album)


This is a "dual ownership" product where digital rights are granted WITH the purchase of the limited CD only. Digital downloads are available immediately on check out (but after the release date) while you wait for your tracked delivery to arrive.

DJs please note: the album / tracks are designed as a listening experience. Extended more 'DJ friendly' versions of some tracks are available (along with extra content) via the deluxe bundle.

01. Greetings From The Edge (Album Mix)
02. Now It's Over
03. Brocking By Myself
04. Consequence
05. Nowhere (feat. Mark Slammer)
06. Sensations (feat. Static)
07. Snowflakes (Redux)
08. Will You Hold Me (vs. Claxton & Kurtis Reid)
09. All I Know Is This
10. Drummond Street
11. In A Good Way (vs. Dy5on & Silver Angelina)
12. Libertas
13. Drop Dead (Redux)
14. Mine All Night (vs. Michael Mansion)
15. 8Bit Is Everything