Fracus & Darwin ‎- Filth And Dumb Hatred (Digital)

Hardcore Underground

HUAACD005-DIGReleased: 12/05/2014

This album is also available as part of a digital bundle including "Balancing Act (Special Edition)" and "Point Of No Return (Remastered)"

Fracus & Darwin - "Filth And Dumb Hatred"

01. Crazy For Your Love (vs. Michael Mansion)
02. Free From Form
03. Succeed (feat. Mark Slammer)
04. Floor Burn
05. Coming Back To Me (Album Mix)
06. Oh Yeah
07. Slip Away (feat. Jessica Palmer)
08. Little Shadows (feat. Mi'A)
09. Stabilize
10. About To Fly (feat. Poison Rain)
11. Remember The Reason (vs. Michael Mansion)
12. Know What It Takes (feat. Jeston Langland)
13. Ready To Rock
14. End On A Hard Note