Fracus & Darwin - Diversions (Digital)

Hardcore Underground

HUAACD006DIGReleased: 26/10/2015

The much talked about, much anticipated fourth artist album from HU's own Fracus & Darwin.

Fourteen carefully constructed musical works, covering a range of styles and substyles. From upfront anthems like "Believe in Something", nods to the past with Part 4 of the seminal rave anthem "Blow Out", the suprisingly musical "No Matter What", dabblings with breakbeats seen in the likes of "More Than I can Take", all the way through to the harder stylings of "Join Us Now". This is an artist album, and essential listening for anyone interested in UK Hardcore Circa 2015.

Also available in a Deluxe version containing heavyweight vinyl, usb with high res audio and bonus tracks, here:

'Fracus & Darwin - Diversions'

01. Fracus & Darwin feat. Sarah Clanton - Collide
02. Fracus & Darwin vs. Bass Selective - Blow Out Part 4
03. Fracus & Darwin feat. Jenna - Believe In Something
04. Fracus & Darwin - Break These Records
05. Fracus & Darwin vs. Reese - Cross The Line
06. Fracus & Darwin feat. Poison Rain - No Matter What
07. Fracus & Darwin feat. Rowetta - More Than I Can Take
08. Fracus & Darwin - Music's Hypnotising
09. Fracus & Darwin feat. Drew Flanagan - Only One Of Me
10. Fracus & Darwin - Heart On Fire
11. Fracus & Darwin vs. Michael Mansion - Loved Again
12. Fracus & Darwin - Roar
13. Fracus & Darwin - Stepmania
14. Fracus & Darwin feat. Pearl Blue - Join Us Now