Fracus & Darwin ‎ Balancing Act (Remastered Special Edition) (Digital)

Hardcore Underground

HUAACD001SE-DIGReleased: 12/05/2014

This is a digitally re-mastered and now digitally re-issued edition of Fracus & Darwin's 2010 debut artist album 'Balancing Act'. It contains the same arrangement of full length tracks, plus an additional bonus track, but ALL have been digitally re-mastered for better quality playback and perceived volume.

The first three Fracus & Darwin albums are also available as a discounted digital bundle.


01. Comin' Down (vs. Michael Mansion)
02. Freedom (feat. Kyla)
03. Now I'm Free
04. Come Home
05. Don't Tell Me (feat. Chwhynny)
06. Realms & Rough-Cuts (Album Mix)
07. Breakaway
08. Start Again
09. Out Of Control (feat. Kyla)
10. Moment 2 Moment (Nu Foundation Remix)
11. Love Obsession (feat. Cat Knight)
12. Everlasting (feat. Donna Grassie)
13. Midsummer Flashback (feat. Kelly C)
14. Subsystem (vs. Entity)
15. Falling Out Of Love (feat. Lisa Abbott)
16. (Bonus Track) - You Are My Oxygen (feat. Ant Johnson)