Daniel Seven - Electronic Happy Dreamer (CD)

The debut album from HU's Italian battalion, Daniel Seven is here! With his own unique spin on the genre, supported by a launch party in Tokyo, this is the start of a prodigious talent. Get in on the ground floor.

01. Growth
02. Speedway (with Fracus & Darwin)
03. Climbing (with M-Project feat. Blue Eyes)
04. Counting Down The Days (feat. Krystal)
05. Soundwaves (with Hotchkiss)
06. Believe (feat. Zoe VanWest)
07. Swirling Skies (feat. Emi)
08. Headrock (Relift)
09. After All (with Vau Boy feat. Emi)
10. Lifting Me (with Sc@r)
11. Lost Together (with MOB)
12. Afterburner (with Mitomoro)
13. Light In You (feat. Yuki)
14. RGB Palette (with Olly P)
15. Building Bricks (feat. Lexi)
16. Blessed Loneliness 2k17 (with XIO)