Chwhynny - Hypothetical Turtle (1xCD + Digital)

**Product Description - Please Read**

This is a DUAL-OWNERSHIP product, which means that you are purchasing the CD limited edition Digipak, AND digital versions of all full length tracks included on the album too. Please read the info below for clarity:

The CDs are expected to take 4 weeks to manufacture from the date of initial pre-order. We expect to be shipping them from June 30th on wards. Please don't contact us about non-receipt of physical copies until July 14th, by which time we hope to have sent ALL copies out to you and you should have them no matter where you are in the World. This helps us to keep track of everything and making sure all shipments are fulfilled in chronological order quickly and efficiently.

We are making the digital assets of this purchase available to you NOW, so that you don't have to wait for the CD to turn up to hear it. You can access the files by logging into your account on this store, heading to 'Account' and then 'Downloads' where you'll be able to scroll down and see your latest purchases as .zip files.

Chwhynny's debut artist album is finally here! Aptly titled, and filled with stuff that we should have released a long time ago, it's self produced and engineered (besides collabs). This pre-order period includes a limited edition CD, as well as the digital components available immediately.


01. Chwhynny - Under The Surface
02. Chris Ross & Chwhynny - Fierce As Fire
03. Chwhynny - Piano Procession
04. Chwhynny - Thoughts & Smiles
05. Entity & Chwhynny - Can You Hear The Silence
06. Chwhynny - I Am (Trance Mix)
07. Chwhynny - Initialize Breaks
08. Daniel Seven & Narconic feat. Chwhynny - Recognise
09. Chwhynny & Darwin - Nothing There
10. Chwhynny - Reclaimed
11. Chwhynny - Until The Day I Die (Ponder Remix)
12. Chwhynny - Electrocuted
13. Brisk & VAGABOND - Punchdrunk (Chwhynny Remix)
14. Scott Brown - Super Sharp Beatz (Chwhynny Remix)