Bang! - The Big Bang! Theory (2xCD)

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JUCLEMCD001Released: 01/01/2010

Bang! have been a heavily influential on Hardcore for nearly twenty years, and with vocal anthems such as 'Shooting Star', 'Cloudy Daze' and 'Break Of Dawn' merely scratching the surface of their contribution to original vocal Hardcore, it's easy to see why this collection of remixes / re-visited anthems was and IS still in such high demand.

Originally Released: 2010


Format: 2xCD

CD1 - Unmixed

01. Breakin' Thru (Al Storm)
02. When I Saw The Rain (Fracus & Darwin)
03. Missing You (Darwin)
04. Flower Needs The Rain (Al Storm)
05. Fly Against The Wind (Darwin)
06. Love, Life & Happiness (Darwin)
07. Give Me A Reason (Al Storm)
08. Lost In Space (Darwin)
09. Sail Away (Storm & Seduction)
10. Follow The Dream (Darwin)
11. Shooting Star (Darwin)
12. All My Dreams (Al Storm)
13. I Fall In Love Again (Al Storm)
14. Shooting Star (Candle Light)

CD2 - Mixed By Al Storm

01. Breakin' Thru (Al Storm )
02. Fly Against The Wind (Darwin)
03. Sail Away (Storm & Seduction )
04. When I Saw The Rain (Darwin & Fracus)
05. Sunshine On A Cloudy Day (Chaos )
06. Shooting Star (Darwin)
07. Love Life & Happiness (Darwin)
08. 'Til The Day (Little Fella)
09. Fall In Love Again (Al Storm )
10. Shooting Star (Al Storms Bangin' )
11. All My Dreams (Al Storm )
12. Give Me A Reason (Al Storm )
13. Follow The Dream (Darwin)
14. Sail Away (Little Fella)
15. Flower Needs The Rain (Al Storm )