Al Storm - Projections Of A Plastic Mind (2xLP Vinyl)

The exceptionally well received "Projections Of A Fractured Mind" release sees a vinyl debut!

Mastered at Metropolis studios, with Al Storm in attendance, any pre-purchaser is in with a chance to attend the mastering session on June 18th!

A beautiful gatefold vinyl release, with striking vinyl art and coloured vinyl, is a covetable collector's item.

Projections Of A Plastic Mind

Vinyl 1

A1 - Al Storm feat. Mandy Edge - Without A Trace
A2 - Al Storm - Always Be There (Fractured Mind Mix)
A3 - Al Storm & Nick Arnold - Bass, Beats & A Piano
A4 - S3RL & Al Storm - Eh!?

B1 - DJ Storm - Kickin' Hard (Scott Brown Remix)*
B2 - Al Storm feat. Angie Brown - Fever
B3 - Al Storm feat. Malaya - It’s Over (Bananaman & Gisbo Remix)
B4 - Al Storm & Rob IYF - Mysterious

Vinyl 2

C1 - Scott Brown vs. Al Storm - All About Evolution (feat. Cat Knight)*
C2 - Al Storm feat. MC Whizzkid - Trigger
C3 - Al Storm x DJ Storm - Hardcore Will Never Die
C4 - Al Storm & DJ Pulse feat. Donna Marie - Wherever I Go

D1 - Scott Brown & Al Storm feat. Nikki Mak - All My Dreams
D2 - Storm & Euphony - Return To Dust
D3 - Al Storm feat. Vicky Fee - Thunderground
D4 - Al Storm & Euphony - Hasta Mañana (Bananaman & Gisbo Remix)