Stamina Records 50 (Digital)

Stamina Records

STM050Released: 10/09/2019

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Future Classics
A1: A.B - Awaken
A2: A.B & Kevin Energy - Samsara
A3: A.B & Douglas - TIWWA
A4: A.B & Substanced - Injustice

Classics Remixed
AA1: A.B - Alright (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
AA2: Transcend - Domination (A.B & Synthwulf Remix)
AA3: A.B - Kielo (Digital Commandos Remix)
AA4: Finnbarr - Hidden In The Light (A.B & Cyrax Remix)

Stamina Records' product description:
"Our mantra is always quality over quantity, and so while our milestone 50th release has taken its time to arrive in comparison to other imprints and genres, the standard is unparalleled: this is our ultimate release to date, and a
snapshot of why we believe freeform to be the most exciting underground scene musically right now. Focusing on the main man behind the Yin Yang, A.B, it wouldn’t be in our nature to not include names from across the board who
have ignited our purple freeform flame from conception to present day, and so our mammoth 50th offering showcases those who have helped shaped the sound of the label in the past, right through to who is shaping the Stamina
sound of tomorrow. Split into two categories, the Yin represents a selection of ‘Future Classics’, featuring none other than freeform legends such as Kevin Energy, Douglas, and Substanced, alongside A.B. Our Yang side, on the other
hand, offers ‘Classics Remixed’; a selection of our finest anthems from years gone by, re-licked by none other than Fracus & Darwin, Synthwulf, the Digital Commandos, Cyrax, and of course, A.B himself. Months in the making, this 50th outing is a packed premium release that puts freeform front and centre on the electronic music world stage, brought to you by your one and only favourite Stamina Records. So please celebrate with us – we are fifty main releases strong… and already ready to bring on the next batch of futuristic freeform anthems, from fantastic Stamina Records artists!"