Stamina X FINRG Present: Portal (2xCD + Digital)

This is a DUAL-OWNERSHIP product, which means that you are purchasing the CD limited edition Digipak, AND digital versions of all the full length tracks included on the album too.

Digital assets of this purchase are available to you the moment you successfully check out. You can access the files by logging into your account on this store, heading to 'Account' and then 'Downloads' where you'll be able to scroll down and see your latest purchases as .zip files.

There are also bonus DJ mixes accessible via QR codes included on the physical product. You can access these once you have it, we are not able to offer these in advance.

CD1: Stamina

01. Joey Riot Vs Finnbarr – The Devil’s Symphony
02. DJ Neon Feat. Elizabet – Endless Form
03. Transcend & TEDDY – Siren Song
04. Stoker – Sick & Tired
05. Hedonistik Ritual – Subconcious Controller
06. Transcend & Cyrax – I’ll Show You The Darkside (Jakka-B Remix)
07. Substanced – Heart Of Time (TEDDY’s No More Heartbeat Remix)
08. A.B Vs K-Wire – Smiler (jD-KiD Remix)
09. B2BK – Colours
10. Tamerax – The Darkness
11. Substanced – F.E.A.R (A.B’s Hiding Under Your Stairs Remix)


01. Decion – Tool Of Oppression
02. Risa – Meteorite
03. A.B – Kameleon (Respray)
04. Greg Peaks & Alchemiist – Power Plant
05. Hyphen – Quantum Entanglement
06. Transcend & Hedonistik Ritual – Organism
07. Substanced – Wave After Wave
08. Hedonistik Ritual – Dangerous
09. Greg Peaks & Alchemiist – In YourStride
10. Alchemiist – Vermin
11. Carbon Based – Tuonela (Solution Remix)