This Sound Is Hardcore Underground - The Anthems (2xCD + Digital)

This is a DUAL-OWNERSHIP product, which means that you are purchasing the CD limited edition Digipak, AND digital versions of all full length tracks* / mixes included on the album too.

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'TSIHU - The Anthems' is available to pre-order now, and that means instant digital access to the assets upon successful checkout. As with the past couple of years CD releases however, the pre-order window for the CD component is just that. Because of all the supply chain issues and Covid hangover that are effecting all sorts of things at the moment, we are told NOT to expect to take delivery of the physical CDs themselves until late January, so we are expecting to be shipping them out to you from January 31st onwards.

That said, and as with the past two CD releases, quantities are VERY limited, so please order early to avoid disappointment and guarantee your copy. There won't be a re-press or scaling up of units ordered - the order is already placed and underway at a fixed limited number of limited copies. 

CD1 Mixed By Fracus & Darwin 

01. Fracus & Darwin - Come Home (Unreleased Intro Mix)                         
02. Fracus & Darwin Vs. CLSM - Chime                     
03. Michael Mansion - Be Your Guide (Fracus & Darwin Remix)            
04. Fracus & Darwin Feat. Cat Knight - Love Obsession (SMD Remix)        
05. Fracus & Darwin Feat. Becca Hossany - Got The Rhythm             
06. Michael Mansion - Let Me In (Darwin's Hemstock Remix)            
07. Fracus & Darwin - Turn Back Time                     
08. Cube Hard - In The Moment                         
09. Michael Mansion - Places We Go Through (Fracus Remix)             
10. Darwin - Metroplex                            
11. Fracus - Module                                
12. Fracus & Darwin Feat. Chwhynny - Don't Tell Me                  
13. Fracus & Darwin - Free From Form (EP5 Mix)                 
14. Fracus & Darwin Feat. Ant Johnson - You Are My Oxygen             
15. Nu Foundation - It's Not Me                             
16. Karl Future - Someday Soon (Darwin Remix)                
17. Chwhynny & Darwin - Nothing There (Reese Remix)                
18. Fracus - Flux                                 
19. Fracus & Darwin Feat. Kyla - Freedom                     
20. Nu Foundation - In Your Head (Rave Mix) 

CD2 Mixed by Entity 

01. Slipmatt & Darwin - Only For Me (Intro Mix)
02. Cube Hard - Dark & Light (Setting Sun) (Darwin's Trancendental Mix)
03. Darwin - Oboe Dawn
04. Entity - Did You See It
05. Darwin & Entity - End Of Time
06. Darwin & Koopa Vs. Phenex Feat. Le Kat - Shape Of Love
07. Darwin - Million Ways
08. Entity & Darwin - True Emotion Part.2 
09. Entity - Show U Love (BK Mix)
10. Entity - The Shining Light
11. Entity & Darwin - Retro Riddim
12. Entity - Something To Say
13. Fracus & Darwin - Don't Let Go Of Love
14. DFX & Darwin - At Last
15. Entity & Darwin - Your Own Destiny
16. Entity & Darwin Feat. MC Sharkey - 21 Days (VIP Mix)
17. Entity & Darwin - I Know Where I Stand (Freeform Remix)
18. Fracus & Darwin Vs. Entity - Subsystem
19. Fracus & Entity - Feel Alive
20. Entity & Dune - Nothing Is Impossible