Vinylgroover - The Obsession Continues (Completionist Bundle)

Bundle Contains:
- A double CD (shipping the week of Jan 30th) containing 26 full-length exclusive tracks, digitally re-mastered, and made available digitally for the first time.
- Full download access to a catalogue of over 100 digitally sourced and re-mastered Vinylgroover tracks taken from their original DATs and catalogued over the past year or two. The vast majority have NEVER been available in a digital format before, and even those few that have are fully re-sourced from the DATs and mastered again using 2018 technology.
- Please note: There ARE some omissions from the catalogue, tracks that we have searched tirelessly for in a digital format but that are unfortunately not preserved in the archive. Fortunately there are few, but if you don't see the title you're looking for in the list detailed at the bottom of the page, then I'm afraid we simply weren't able to track it down in a sufficiently high quality format.

This is a "dual ownership" product where digital rights are granted WITH the purchase of the limited CD only. Digital downloads are available immediately on check-out while you wait for your tracked delivery to arrive.


01. Time
02. Love To Be
03. Groove Control
04. I Can Live Without You
05. Ice Cold
06. So Real
07. Shelter, Shelter
08. Like A Prayer
09. Smooth & Irresistable
10. Tonight's The Night
11. The Superior B Side
12. All I Need Is Love
13. Always In My Dreams


01. 2 Hearts As 1
02. Life's Melody
03. Virtual Dreams
04. 40 Miles
05. No Way Back
06. The Rave Theme
07. Mr Kirk's Nightmare
08. Real High, Real Fast
09. Kick It
10. All That You See And Hear
11. Mike Reverie & Vinylgroover - Show Me A Sign
12. 2 Hearts As 1 (Fracus & Darwin Exclusive 2018 Album Remix)**
13. Time (Al Storm Exclusive 2018 Album Remix)**

**Not available as part of the digital download until the CD is released on Jan 30th.

Completionist Bundle - Digital Download Track List:

Brisk & Vinylgroover - Seasons Of Love
Brisk & Vinylgroover - Smooth & Irresistable (ABH Remix)
Brisk & Vinylgroover - The Superior B Side
Cheddar 1 (Vinylgroover & Unknown Remix)
DJ Vinylgroover - Future Rock (Remix)
Dougal & DNA - Tranquility (Vinylgroover & DNA Remix)
Druid & Vinylgroover - Choirs Of Heaven
Druid & Vinylgroover - Kounter Attack
Elevate - All I Need Is Love (Euro Kick)
Elevate - All I Need Is Love (Exclusive Bonkers Mix)
Elevate - Take Me Anywhere
Elevate - The Love
Elevate - Virtual Dreams
Elevate - Virtual Dreams (X-Clusive DB7 Euro Mix)
Hardcore Masters - Golden Fields
Hyper Drive - Stars Fall Down (DB7 Euro Mix)
Hyper Drive - Stars Fall Down (Vinylgroover Mix)
Ikon - Doesn't Have To Be Like That (Vinylgroover Remix)
Mazurk√° - Hardcore Vibes (Vinylgroover Mix)
Midas - Groove Control (Clarkee Mix)
Midas - Groove Control (Dougal Remix)
Midas - Groove Control (Radio Edit)
Midas - Imperial March (Remix)
Midas - Never Give Up
Midas - Spinblitz
Midas - Take It From The Groove
Mr Monkey - 808 Bait
Mr Monkey - Is This Love (4AM Hard Mix)
Mr Monkey - Is This Love (4AM Rave Mix)
Mr X - Mr X's Tales From The Hardcore Side (Compnded)
Mr X - Mr X's Tales From The Hardcore Side (Hear Me)
Promised Land - Promised Land
Promised Land - Stars
Select - Burning With Ecstacy
Select - Come To Me
Select - Dancing In The Rain
Select - Do Do Do
Select - Earth Trance
Select - Funktastic
Select - Happiness
Select - High Spirits
Select - Into The Light
Select - Moon & The Stars
Select - Ray Of Light
Select - Secrets
Select - The Best Days
Select - The Eclipse
Select - The Realm
Select - The Realm (Album Mix)
Select - You Will Be Mine
SMD#3A (Vinylgroover Remix)
Sound Assassins - Clearly Now
Sound Assassins - Complete Loving
Sound Assassins - Deep Blue Skies
Sound Assassins - Hardcore Vibes
Sound Assassins - Like A Prayer (Select Album Mix)
Sound Assassins - My Guardian Angel (Remix)
Sound Assassins - Supernova
Sound Assassins - Sweet Dreams (Remix)
Sound Assassins - Sweet Dreams (Who Done It)
Sound Assassins - The Power Of Love
Sound Assassins - Total Eclipse
Sound Assassins - Total Energy
Technophobic - The Rave Theme Pt.2
The Collective - Obsession
Urban Noize - 2 Hearts As 1 (DJ Friendly Version)
Vinylgroover - Always & Forever
Vinylgroover - Beggin' For More
Vinylgroover - Close My Eyes
Vinylgroover - Forever Land
Vinylgroover - Global Sounds
Vinylgroover - Heaven's Just A Step Away
Vinylgroover - Life's Melody (Alt Mix)
Vinylgroover - My Guardian Angel
Vinylgroover - Power Play
Vinylgroover - Rain On Me
Vinylgroover - Rainbows
Vinylgroover - Shelter, Shelter (Exclusive HH2 Album Mix)
Vinylgroover - So Good
Vinylgroover - Take It From The Groove
Vinylgroover - The Voice Of Tomorrow
Vinylgroover - The Way It Is
Vinylgroover - Time (DB7 Euro Remix)
Vinylgroover - Time (DJ Storm Remix)
Vinylgroover - Together Again
Vinylgroover - Tonight's The Night
Vinylgroover - Tonight's The Night (Brisk Remix)
Vinylgroover & Edy C - Bright Eyes
Vinylgroover & Edy C - Bright Eyes (Select Remix)
Vinylgroover & Edy C - Happy 2 B Hardcore
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Alpha Century
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Can You Feel It
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Deep Situation
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Doesn't Have To Be
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Electric Dreams
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Expansions
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Fairytales
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - I Need Your Loving
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Lost It
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Space Odyssey 2000
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Space Odyssey 2000 (ABH Remix)
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Turn The Page
Vinylgroover feat. Lisa - Secrets (Intro Mix)