Euphony Anthology: The Early Years vol. 1 (Digital)

Euphony Anthology - The Early Years vol. 1 (Digital)

01. Dancing In The Rain (Original Version)*
02. Bad Boy Bass (feat. Ultimate Buzz)
03. Download ('94 Bedroom Mix)
04. Dream Time ('97 Sandra Mix)
05. Feeling (Marc Smith Mix)
06. Gotta Believe ('95 Bedroom Mix)
07. Massacre ('95 Technox Bedroom Mix)
08. Rub-A-Dub (feat. Ultimate Buzz)
09. Slamin Jamin ('97 ESL PA Mix)
10. Space Invader (Scott Brown 97 Mix)
11. The Crow ('98 The Pulse PA Mix)
12. Stoopin (feat. Ultimate Buzz)
13. The Hit Man ('97 Make It For Tizer Mix)
14. Feeling (Original '93 Demo Mix)
15. Time & Space (Piano Mix)

* This is the ORIGINAL mix, NOT the UK Dance Mix which featured on Bonkers 3. It's actually, despite all our best efforts and Euphony's too, apparently been lost in digital format. This is the EXACT reason we're putting these albums together as quickly as possible now so stuff like this doesn't happen. But yeah... we'll keep looking, and, if it turns up, anyone who's bought the album CAN have it with proof of purchase.