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Fracus & Darwin

Fracus & Darwin

Firmly established as one of the most diverse and forward thinking acts to emerge from the UK Rave scene in recent years, Fracus & Darwin’s unique and varied take on the Hardcore sound is always at the cutting edge of the genre. From their internationally successful artist albums, to the many compilation CDs released through mainstream stores, or their extensive work for some of the world’s leading gaming companies (Konami, Nintendo, Capcom etc), their varied, high quality productions have always struck a chord with an equally varied global audience.

Having performed all over the world, their unique and eclectic DJ sets showcase a wealth of experience and passion for good music which resonates with audiences from Tokyo to Moscow, London to LA. Whether it’s rocking clubs and festivals, or playing to the whole of the UK as guests on BBC Radio 1, Fracus & Darwin have always continued to infuse performances with all their love for the euphoric, energetic, dirty, varied music that captivates so many who hear them play.

As headline act of the UK’s critically acclaimed and ferociously supported UK indie label Hardcore Underground, Fracus & Darwin continue to push forward as artists in 2017 with performances all over the world, successful podcasts and single / compilation appearances, not to mention a fourth artist album, new music videos, and yet more new territory into the world with Blu-Ray and further in-game audio projects, they’re only just getting started.