About Hardcore Underground

Hardcore Underground have been a forward thinking record label for the past 10 years and lately have been the sole outlet for purchasing UK Hardcore albums on CD. We cover a little about the labels history below.

Hardcore Underground as a brand was born in 2006 when we released our first compilation CD in the UK & Ireland. Further critically acclaimed compilations have followed, and have featured some of Hardcore's finest DJs showcasing exciting, high quality music from both new and established artists alike. In 2009 we became a record label in our own right, with both the third and fourth albums finding their way into mainstream stores on a new imprint, free from any commercial affiliation with anyone; a truly independent record label. We began releasing singles too (initially on 12” vinyl as well as digitally) through all major stores, and continued to host our unique and popular club nights.

In recent years a variety of successful and diverse artist albums have also been released alongside our compilations, Fracus & Darwin’s ‘Balancing Act’ and ‘Point Of No Return’, CLSM’s ‘Return To The Unexpected’ and Marc Smith’s biographical ‘Notorious By Nature’. With further artist albums from the likes of Al Storm & Euphony and Brisk already waiting in the wings alongside yet more of our cutting edge compilations ‘Hardcore Underground 6’, ‘HU Presents: 2013’ and further releases on our sister label ‘HU Breaks’, our passion and dedication to releasing high quality, cutting edge music has never been more ferocious. We’ve maintained our independence, we’ve retained our ambition, and we answer to none but YOU who support us, and keep us doing what we do.